Make your own SMART Board

If you have ever used an interactive whiteboard, you have wanted one in your classroom. Then you saw the price. These will cost about $2,000. Most teachers do not have this kind of money to spend, and schools don't either. I have spent my time researching ways to get one for cheap. I was successful in doing that. I have found a way to create your own interactive whiteboard for under $100! Yes, that is a savings of nearly $2,000! The only thing you will already need to have for this to work is a computer and a projector. You can use this on any surface so the projector is only needed to make the screen big enough for everyone to see. The kids LOVE being able to use this in class. By doing this, I have made myself a better teacher. Even better than that, I have made my students more active learners!


  1. How do you make this interactive? What did you spend the $100.00 on?

    Carol T.

  2. If you click on the picture it takes you to a site that tells you the steps and what you need to make your own smart board.

  3. Too bad the projector that is still needed is well over $100...


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